Kicked out of school for wearing the American flag!

Yeah, you all know the story by now, unless you’re an illegal immigrant and no comprende anything in English.  There is a lot of faux-righteous outrage about kids being asked to leave school – or kicked out, if you want to be a tad more provocative – just because they wore American flags on their shirts?  How could this happen in America?  The flag-hating liberals have won and we’re officially a nation of pussies, and we should just adopt the Mexican flag as our own.  Whee!  Hey, there’s even a facebook page for it, but I won’t link to it, because the ill-informed jingoism would depress me.  And OMG, did you know that one of the kids wearing the flag shirt was Mexican?  That makes it even more, you know, something or other.

Here’s how I see it: the flag is being used as a prop here, and is almost secondary to what happened.  If these kids had gotten together and decided to wear their flag shirts on any other day, there would have been no problems.  However, they decided to wear them on cinco de mayo, to make a “statement.”  The principal decided that he didn’t want the distraction to school that this would have presented, seeing it as quite possibly inflammatory – on that particular day. That’s the key here, folks, not the flag shirts.  Whether you agree with the principal’s actions or not – and yeah, it wasn’t the best choice; the inside-out shirts would draw just as much attention as the flag shirts – he was doing what he thought was necessary to prevent a distraction.  Which ultimately caused an even bigger distraction, because white people love their flag and hate the foreigners taking us over, and how dare they keep us from wearing our flag and totally ignoring flag etiquette?

Couple that with everyone’s desire to whine and bitch and play the victim – even while they accuse others of doing the same – and you have a big to-do about small potatoes.  Really, folks, this shit isn’t that important.


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