RIP Ronnie James Dio

Let me add my voice to the overwhelming chorus for the loss of this great man.  Dio was metal, pure and simple – he fronted some great bands and his solo work is among the best of the genre.  More importantly than that by far, though, is the fact that was a great person.  He always treated his fans with the utmost respect and left them knowing how important they were to him and how much it meant for him to have them as fans.  He was never involved in any scandals, he just rocked, pure and fucking simple.  You’ll never hear a bad word about him from his fans; he was the ultimate spokesperson and model for heavy metal.  His music is only part of his legacy; the impression he left on his fans is even more inspiring.

You are already greatly missed, Mr. Dio.  Now get up there and rock the foundations of heaven.  And words of warning to heaven: look out!


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