10,000! (Contains inside jokes)

I just noticed that I went over 10,000 posts at the angelswin.com message board.  Holy cow!  That’s like going over 5,000 posts twice! This can only mean a few things…

1.  God damn, do I know how to waste some time!  That’s one of my seriously undervalued skills.

B.  A handful of the people on the board know me fairly well but probably think they know me better than they really do.  This is part of my program of deliberate deception, to keep my secret identity secret.  Nobody suspects what I really do or who I really am…

III.  I should get a beej outta this.  No, not from Adam.  Although if he’s the only one that offers (which seems likely) I’ll at least have to consider it.

d.  I now know definitively who should start, Mathis or Napoli.

Cinco.  Thanks to Cory, I know how to break up with a woman.  Things I’ve also learned from aw.com: the value of hello kitty cupcakes, why Phil Shane is awesome, how to spot a ghost shark, how to post a worthless poll, when and how much to tip my server, how to make a siiiiiiiiiick trade,  that I like trannies (LOL whut), that Kelvin Escobar has an extra appendage, why Lou is such an a-hole, how to solve all the world’s problems, where to drink in Phoenix, how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, how to succeed at business without really trying, and many, many more things.

6.  What I haven’t learned from angelswin.com: where Victor’s mom works, how to talk to a woman, where Tad goes when he’s not rallying the Halo Troops, why the Angels suck so far this year, what team Pimp doesn’t root for (other than the Angels), why the Lakers suck and how the Clippers will become the team of the 10s, how to use my crockpot and not be gay, how to please a woman, and so much more.

VII.  That I’ve made some good friends and found some kindred spirits who bleed Angels baseball like I do.

G.  Finally, that I’ve wasted a fuck-ton of time over there that could have been used to write my first novel, learn karate, have sex with someone other than myself, learn a new language, gotten myself into better shape, and generally made myself a better human being.

Thanks, angelswin.com!  Don’t go changing.


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