Joy…and pain.

Sunshine…and rain!  White people love that song, and I’m white as they come.  It always brings back memories of being stationed in Millington, Tennessee for aviation electrician’s school, and going to Kentucky to see my buddy in the Army.  We stopped in Nashville to party for a bit – yes, I used to go to clubs occasionally –  and I remember him asking me to dance with his wife to distract her so he could scope on another chick.  Yeah, that marriage wasn’t a success.

Anyway…the joy coming up is my month-long trip to Phoenix for yet another work-related school.  It’s awesome, really.  Class never lasts an entire day; in fact it rarely lasts even half a day.  That’ll give me plenty of opportunity to get my fat ass to the gym almost every day (I’m hoping I have a day class, so I can run in the morning before class and then do other stuff after class), which I so need.  I’ll also end up making a pretty penny on per diem so that is good as well!

The pain is that tomorrow morning I have to drop my daughter off with her mom before I head to AZ.  Sigh.  This is my second summer being in Lancaster and having her for the summer, and while it is a joy having her here it is tough to take her back down.  I count myself fortunate that her mom and I get along well and have no problems; that makes it easier.  I’m also going to enjoy having my adult time again, but I’m gonna miss that little girl!  She’s seven, and developing her sense of humor and personality quite well.  She’s also quite the little nag (“daddy, you said you weren’t going to drink any more diet coke!”) under the guise of helping me.  I’m gonna miss that nagging, and when I get back home my place will seem empty until I get used to it.

But then there will be joy again, when I get to see her, and when my travel voucher gets approved and all that extra money goes into my account.  Life is like that: lots of ups and downs.  More than ever before, I’m just enjoying the ride.


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