Seriously, TSA – fuck you.

Start with this video:

Then get mad.  This is fucking ridiculous.  Now read this:

And get madder.  Common sense has left the airport building.  Blind adherence to rules that have yet to produce tangible results has taken its place.  Yes, I know, these are isolated examples and millions of people fly without incident.  However, add in the naked x-ray scanners and you have an agency that is trampling all over our freedoms from unlawful search – are you listening, tea party peeps? – with no checks on their power.  It seems like they can just make up their rules as they go along and implement them at will.

I get that we need to keep the terrorist off our planes.  No argument from me there.  What I don’t agree with is how in large chunks our freedoms are starting to erode, under the false pretense of keeping us safe.  When we’re patting down four-year-olds, we’ve stopped being America and turned into the countries that we don’t want to become.  When we voluntarily give away our freedom and dignity to an agency like this with no track record, we’re reacting with fear instead of logic, and I much prefer calculation and forethought to hysteria and panic.

So yeah – fuck you, TSA.


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