What I’m thankful for, 2010 edition.

Well, here we are knocking on the door of another Thanksgiving, my 41st edition.  Most of the time when people give thanks they mention the obvious things – family, health, being alive, good food at the table, and so forth.  I’m certainly thankful for those things but they’re easy to think of; I want to focus on the things you might not consider but should be thankful for anyway.  Like what, you ask?  Read on…

Pumpkin cheesecake – hopefully I’ll be indulging in some of this tomorrow, because there is no better dessert.  It combines two of my favorite things, pumpkin and cheesecake (what’d ya think I was gonna say?).  It’s wonderful.  If you haven’t tried it you have my pity.

A night of good sleep – I get a few of these a week and they always feel so good.  I should get them more often, I know.

Coworkers I don’t want to strangle – unfortunately, my work situation will be changing next year and all the cool people I work with will be scattered to the winds of Edwards Air Force Base, but for now I can’t think of any group of people that would be more fun to work with than the yahoos I currently see 3-4 times a week for 10+ hours.  You guys are awesome!

DVR – remember trying to set the VCR and missing the first or last 10 minutes of a show, or recording over your favorite porn episode of ALF?  Yeah, me too.  DVR makes it simple and those of us who lived through the VCR era appreciate it.

Costco – sure, the crowds make it something of a pain in the arse, but the free samples (if you can get to them) can substitute for a meal.  The food there is almost always at least good.  The bad: make sure you have at least a c-note with you.  At least.

Music – from jamming in my car on my long drives to karaoke Wednesdays at Domingo’s to posting crappy videos on my facebook, music is all around me much like love was all around MTM.  The variety is endless as is the selection.

Q-tips – nothing feels better in the place you’re not supposed to use them.  No, not there, you pervert – in your ear-holes.  Although that does present some interesting possibilities…

Bras – I know, ladies probably don’t like them much, but I appreciate the view they give us.  See, men do appreciate some types of gift-wrapping.

Cool mornings and warm afternoons – fall in Southern California.  If I wanna see snow I can drive north or south for a bit, and then come back home to no snow.  That’s sweet.  Snow is like visiting my family; half a day is generally just about enough.

There’s plenty more to be thankful for but the road is long and I have to get on it.  Happy thanksgiving, everybody!  Feel free to share one of the little things you’re thankful for…


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