Chock full of the Christmas spirit, I am.

Yesterday I was doing some last-minute shopping and running a few errands, and I had to stop by Petsmart to get some crickets for my daughter’s bearded red dragon.  Lazy animal, him: I have to put him down and put the crickets in front of him to get him to chase them.  How his kind survive in the wild, I have no idea.  Anyway…as always I was in a hurry and when I went to pay there were two registers open, both currently checking out one person.  At the first register there was a guy behind the person emptying their cart, and he had nothing in his hands and was looking at the woman and kid in the second line.  They had a few items.

I immediately deduced what was happening, because I’m mildly clever.  That dude was trying to split the lines; if the first line finished checking first he was going to have the people in the second line come over.  I’ve done things like that before, so I know how it is.  However…NEVER with only one person ahead of me who is already checking their stuff.

So, in a loud voice I asked “Excuse me sir, are you in this line?”  He didn’t make eye contact and said he was.  After a few seconds, the person ahead of us finished checking out and he said “OK, come over here!” and waved to the people in the other line.  Keep in mind I had one item, crickets.  Bitch he was waving to had a cart with about 15 items.  I said “you’ve got to be kidding me” and as soon as I said that, another person with a cart slipped into the OTHER line ahead of me.  I wasn’t surprised but it was annoying.

However, this minor annoyance has a good thing.  A friendly Petsmart employee came up to me and said “Excuse me, you can come over to my register here” and opened up his lane for me.  I finished checking and was walking out the door while the other guy was still putting stuff on the counter.  Because I have an asshole streak in me, I waved to him and said “Happy holidays!'” on my way out – a salvo in the perpetual war on Christmas.  He didn’t look up; he knew I’d won.

In closing…merry Christmas, everybody!  Thanks for checking my blog out, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2011.  And for the love of god, don’t get in front of me in the checkout line.  You’ll lose.


One thought on “Chock full of the Christmas spirit, I am.

  1. Use to buy crickets for my son’s Leopard Gecko named ‘Tracker’. Those lil buggers are stinky, but I loved watching him catch them! Fun stuff…
    P.S. People are people…and so facinating! haha

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