Republicans and repealing the HCR bill

Now that we have a bunch more republicans in the Senate, they’ve made it quite clear what their #1 priority is: repealing the health care reform bill, henceforth to be called Obamacare or OC, because that’s how we do it under the OC, bitches.  It was one of the platforms that got those republicans and tea partiers – henceforth to be referred to as republicans, because we all know that’s what they really are – elected last November.  The republicans want to be sure that everybody knows they got the message loud and clear, and it won’t be business as usual…until it is, which will be about two weeks from now at most.  I have my own message for the republicans, and I hope they get it loud and clear:

Fuck you guys.  Seriously, fuck you selfish assholes right in the ass with a jackhammer.

Let me clarify a bit here.  I’m not 100% in favor of OC because I think it is deeply flawed.  However, I am in favor of it in principle and would like to see the republicans, instead of being “all or nothing”, actually try to work with the democrats and fix some of the flaws instead of repealing it.  I know, I must be stoned.  But wait, I said I’d like to see that, not that I hoped or expected to.  I may be a dreamer, but I’m not daft.

Here’s the thing: republicans don’t want anybody getting anything that republicans don’t think they deserve.  That’s why OC pisses them off.  Forget about the budget arguments; they just don’t want to see lazy unemployed people getting health care for free.  It fucks with their sense of right and karma when that happens.  They can’t sit idly while shiftless democrats – we know they’re the only ones getting health care for free, right? – walk into a hospital without a care in the world and mooch off of their hard work.  That will NOT be tolerated, and that isn’t what America is about!

Meanwhile…not a peep from them – or the democrats either – about ending this snipe hunt in Afghanistan that costs more than OC will and gets good Americans – the righties have them as their fetish object – brutally killed in war, with no end in sight.  That obviously isn’t a priority for them; it’s quite acceptable if we’re in a war with no satisfying end in sight, which is costing the lives of American soldiers and countless tax dollars.  Support war without question.  The consequences of this war will play out for decades to come as the veterans deal with it over the rest of their lives.  Fuck, I hope they can get a job when they get back because we obviously don’t want to support their freeloading asses with no-cost medical care if they can’t get a job!

Yep – that has to be our #1 priority.  Let’s not worry about the Americans dying on foreign soil and the loss of standing that America continues to suffer because of this war.  Let’s not worry about the exceptionalism that used to belong to America rapidly vanishing.  Let’s not worry about our standing in the eyes of the rest of the world continuing to diminish.  No, let’s fucking worry about Americans – and yes, illegals – getting something for free.  That’s what we need to fix RIGHT NOW!  Shit just got real.

What in the blue fuck does this say about the people we elected, that this is their priority?  What does it say about us as a people who elected them?  It says that we’re selfish and that as long as we take care of ourselves, it’s all good in the hood.  What does it say about our government that they can’t work together at all to do something to help the people it purports to represent?  It says they don’t care about us.

Holy fucking shit.  The system is broken and I don’t think there is any repair in sight that can fix it.  The parts change but the machine keeps rolling.


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