More reasons to vote for me in 2012

After thinking it over for a good 90 seconds or so – about as long as most things hold my interest – I came up with some more outstanding reasons why you should vote for me.  Read on, and be prepared to be convinced…like a boss.

After this post, I’m retiring my usage of “like a boss”. I’m a bit tired of it now, which I assume means you were tired of it at least a month ago.  This shows that I will get the messages from my constituents and eventually act on them, if I feel like it.

At least half of my ex-wives would vote for me. The ultimate endorsement.  Hell, it may even be 100% of my exes who would vote for me.

At least 33.3% of my direct family would vote for me. My daughter isn’t old enough to vote so she doesn’t count.  Dad might vote for me, if I gin him up before he casts his ballot.  Oldest brother: no fucking way.  Which means he ain’t invited to the inauguration.  Yeah, I hold grudges.  That leaves the middle brother, and he’d vote for me 10 times if he could.  Love ya, Bob!

I’m what they call a renaissance man. I fix military jets for a living and I make some damn good banana bread.  Plus, I write a blog.  Manly, versatile and artsy!  Something for everybody.

I know all the words to this song: Warning: NOT SAFE FOR WORK!


Come on, what more do you want from a president?

Coming soon: more great reasons why you should vote for me, and an ode to Billy Joel.


2 thoughts on “More reasons to vote for me in 2012

  1. Mr. McKee,

    Is your write-in campaign for president serious? If so, I’d like to post a profile of you to my website,, which tracks write-in campaigns across the nation. Please contact me so that we can discuss this.

    Thank you,
    Austin Wright

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