Entries from a yearbook

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog and I’m bereft of funny ideas, so I’ll take up a certain somebody on the idea of posting some entries made by friends in my 6th and 7th grade yearbooks, along with a brief explanation of each one.  I’ll start with the best one…

“Glen, have a horrible summer, worst of luck with the girls (you don’t need that because you already have the worst of luck with the girls), try not to put on any more wait weight over the summer.”  Dwayne Sanders, 7th grade.  It’s like he also looked well into my future and saw a repeating pattern.  Dwayne was part of the group I hung out with, and as I recall he was the best-looking of us, which was like being the smartest person at a Michelle Bachmann rally.  Hey-o!  Anyway, this still makes me laugh.

“To a cool friend, have a great summer and have fun in the 8th grade, Rock Rules and punk and disco suck.  HEAVY METAL, IRVING RUIZ.”  Irving Ruiz (8th grader), 7th grade (1982).  Irving was cool and I remember the pride I felt having an 8th grader, who was about to go to the awesome world of high school, saying that to me.  And Irving was wrong, I say in retrospect.  Nothing wrong with punk or disco.

“Glen, it was fun working with you in Student Body Government.  Have fun next year and take care.  Angela Chavez.”  7th grade.  Ah yes, Angela Chavez.  She was the first girl I ever thought was hot and her post was the most polite way she could say she was vaguely creeped out by me and would forget me as soon as possible.

“Glen, Hope you have a rad summer.  We’ve known each other for a long time and I think you’re pretty cool.  Love, Benita.”  6th grade.  Ah, Benita.  Before Angela there was Benita.  I met her in first grade and we “went out together” from first through fourth grade, whatever that meant at the time.  She was one of the smartest girls in class and I was one of the smartest guys.  She was cute and popular, I was…chubby and sorta popular.  In the fifth grade she moved on to Scott Dolahite – damn his good looks and flowing hair! – and I moved on to Dungeons and Dragons.  She got the better of that deal!  We were still friends though, and I lost contact with her after high school.  I still think about her sometimes and wonder how she’s doing and hope she’s well.

“Glen, Don’t take any wooden nickles this summer.  James Wolfe.”  7th grade.  James was kind of quiet and very artistic, but not weird.  He was also the first kid I met with diabetes and I vaguely remember him having to give himself insulin shots.  I liked him a lot, he was a mellow kid.  As with many others, I wonder how he’s doing now and where he is.

“Glen, same thing to you that you wrote in James.  Bill.”  7th grade.  Bill Deets.  I wish I could remember what I wrote about him in James’ yearbook.  Now, the Bill Deets story.  First, some background.  I went to Wilsona School starting in the first grade, when the entire enrollment was about 85 students total for grades 1 – 8.  I was a good student, straight As, and the teachers loved me.  Jimmy Peterson was my best friend until the summer after fifth grade, when he moved.  Bill came in for 6th grade and sorta took his place.  They had an award for “6th Grader of the Year” that they gave every year, and I was primed and expected to receive it.  I played all three sports, got good grades, and had been at the school forever.  However…they gave it to Bill.  That crushed me, and it was weird because we were such good friends.  I remember my dad and mom making a stink about it, and the principle telling them “it came down to a coin toss between them, we really couldn’t decide.”  It eventually built some character for me.  Again…wonder where Bill is and how he’s doing.

“Glen, Glad I won Treasurer (Ha! Ha!) Have fun, stay cool (not that you are!) + hang loose (if you know how!) Have a totally rad summer!  Friends Forever, ‘Love ya’, Joy 83.”  7th grade.    I’ll reserve comment until this next similar post, which will wrap this up:

“Glen, have fun in the summer and in the 8th grade!  Good luck with the girls too!  You need all the luck you can get! (Joking!!!) Love, Lisa.”  7th grade.  I see a pattern, a common theme if you will.  Yes, I needed all the help I could get with the ladies.

To wrap this up, I’d like to say that no names have been changed to protect anybody, enough time has passed that the statute of limitations has expired.  Also…James, if you’re out there, what did I write about Bill in your yearbook? I hope it was good.


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