Non-revisionist personal history

You always find the interesting stuff when you’re looking for something else.  In this case, I was looking for a CD that has most of my military documents on it – I might use some of my old evaluations for a presentation in class next week – and I found my high school transcript.  I haven’t looked at it much yet but I know I’m in for a surprise.  As I recall, I was a good student, at least the first two years.  When I was in grade school I was definitely a good student; I remember being crushed when I got my first B.  My mom was on the school board, all the teachers knew me and wanted me in their class, and if I missed a day then people were wondering if I was OK.

Then, high school.  I went from being known to being anonymous.  I had an older brother who was a junior when I was a scrub (freshman, not sure if they’re still called scrubs but they were way back then), and he was something of a delinquent.  He taught me how to ditch class and usually get away with it.  For the first part of my first year, I also had my friend and neighbor Rodney, and sometimes we would wait until the bus left our stop and then go hang out at his place all day.  There was nobody else around, his dad was at work and otherwise the house was empty.  We’d eat, do something associated with D&D, watch TV, and look through his dad’s Playboy collection.  I feel sad for boys today and how readily available porn is to them; they’ll never have the joy of earning the discovery like kids my age did.

So, with that in mind and knowing my grades will be different that I expect, here they are…

Freshman, 1st semester/2nd semester:

Typing 1 – C / B

English 1 Advanced – D/B

Intro to Algebra – B/B

P.E. 1 – B/C

Space Science – B/B

Wow, a D in Advanced English?  How advanced of me!  I think I had a rude awakening when I actually had to sorta earn my grades and couldn’t coast by on my reputation.


Sophomore year, 1st/2nd:

Art 1 – C / Driver’s Ed – B

Health Education – B / P.E. 2 – B

English 2 Advanced – C / C

P.E. 2 – B / Graphic Arts – B

Biology 1 – C / Freshman Biology – D

World History – B / World History – C.

Don’t ask me why I had Freshman Biology the last half of my sophomore year, and why I got a D.  Man, I was a rock!  One thing worth noting is my beginning relationship with Graphic Arts class, a love that would last for the rest of high school and allow me to ditch without fear.


Junior Year

Intro to Geometry – B/A

Graphic Arts 2 – B/A

Auto Shop 1 – B/A

U.S. History – C/C

English 3 Advanced – C/B

Metal Shop 1 – C / Work Experience – A

Otherwise known as the stoner/hesher curriculum.  I remember I was horrible in Metal Shop but nobody failed Metal Shop.  I also remember being embarrassed to bring my 61 Falcon to Auto Shop to work on it, because Glenn Van Damm had has Vette in there all the time, that smug rich bastard.  Work experience let me leave school early, that was the coolest thing ever!


Graphic Arts 3 – B/B

Economics – B / Civics – B

Graphic Arts 3 – B/B

German 1 – B / Student Aid Graphic Arts – B

Work Experience – A/B.

A few things…one, how the hell did I get a B in Work Experience?  I must have forgotten to turn in some paperwork.  Two, you can’t help but notice all the Graphic Arts my senior year.  It was my third year in the class, and Mr. Minnich – boy, he’s another blog entry – had the seniors print the football programs at the beginning of the year, and then we…um, did stuff.  Whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, really.  As long as the programs looked good we were tits.

So, let’s tally up that GPA for the former standout from Wilsona School.  Ready?  Survey says…2.76.

Hmm, carry the three, divide by 18, multiply by pi…damn, I didn’t even have a B average!  I was in the neighborhood of a C+.  In my mind, I did much better and was a B student for sure.

You can’t actually change the past, but you can sure change how you remember it happening.


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