The hypocrisy of my vote for Gary Johnson

I’ve made no bones about it: I’m voting for Gary Johnson in November.  I have a few reasons, the first one being I usually vote third-party for president in an effort to increase their viability and visibility.  I think introducing a third-party candidate into a two-candidate race can only be good, and get focus on issues that are really important – cutting military spending, auditing the fed, and doing something to prevent the bankers that caused the recent economic collapse from doing the same thing to us again.  Also, a third-party candidate is less beholden to those dreaded special interests because the special interests don’t concentrate on them, knowing they won’t get elected.

Another reason I want Johnson in my oval office is because he isn’t Romney or Obama, two sides of the same coin.  Obama hasn’t been much different from Bush, other than the Universal Health Care thingy.  Yes, that’s significant and it IS a feather in his cap.  However, other than that he’s been a Bush clone.  I don’t want another four years of Bush.  I don’t want Romney because he’s the reincarnation of John Kerry.  Even his own party didn’t really want him; he was the last guy standing at the RNC Pub at closing time, so they’re doing the best they can to get behind him and get him into office.  Romney has no problem contradicting himself – sometimes daily – or saying whatever he thinks will play best to the crowd in front of him, regardless if it contradicts what it says to yesterday’s crowd.  He was fairly liberal when he was governor of Massachusetts, and now he’s a hardcore conservative.  I’m not buying the transformation.  He’s the Stepford candidate.

Which leaves me with Gary Johnson and voting for a third-party, something I’ve always been comfortable doing.  But as I was jogging this morning I thought about it a bit more…what would happen if Johnson made a major splash, something bigger than Perot did in the 90s?  What if Johnson started winning the popular vote in some of the states?

The answer was pretty simple: the electoral college would still vote for an R or D.  There would be a huge legal battle but the end result would still be the same.  We’d still get Romney or Obama.  Confronted with that I realized the hypocrisy of my position: I know my vote for Johnson won’t make a difference, and I don’t care because Obama has CA wrapped up.  I can vote for Johnson just because he won’t win my state; Obama will, and I prefer Obama over Romney even while voting for Johnson.  I know nothing will happen with my vote for Johnson.

I’m still voting the same, I just now realize what my vote really means.  And, I’m good with that.  I’d rather have four more years of Obama than a fresh four with Romney.


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