Mile-a-day blog, day one.

Miles: 1.06

Pace: 22:12

While I was walking my bitches today it occurred to me, for the hundredth time, that I lack discipline.  My body and my mental state are both indicative of that.  In the military it’s easy to maintain discipline because that’s what the military is about: discipline and routines.  Make everything a routine and people can handle everything.  With that in mind, I’ve challenged myself to maintain this mile-a-day blog for the rest of 2015.  No excuses; every day I have to walk the dogs for at least a mile and then write at least a paragraph after the walk.

This will have several benefits: increased discipline and health for me, increased health for the dogs, and more practice writing.  I feel good about this.  I’ve felt good about many of my ideas before, though.  I need to keep myself honest and disci…regimented. Day one in the books.


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