Mile-a-day blog: consistency

0.58 miles

32:34 pace

Consistency is the goal, although as RWE said, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.  I love that quote for many reasons.  First, it uses the word hobgoblin.  Great word, hobgoblin.  Say it aloud a few times, it’s fun.  Hobgoblin.  Anyway…consistency.  It’s a crucial part of adult life.  You have to be consistent.  Consistent in showing up to work.  Consistent in paying your bills.  Consistent in being an adult and doing the right thing.

I’m starting to understand where Ralph Waldo was coming from.  Consistency is good, but it’s also boring.  Sometimes you have to be inconsistent.  Streaks are great, but you know what feels just as good as continuing a streak?  Starting another one and seeing how far it goes.  Man makes plans and God laughs.  I planned on still having my original walking streak going at this time, but as of today my streak is two days.  My best streak so far is three days.  I will strive for more consistency but at the same time I won’t beat myself up (well, not too much) if I have to start a new streak soon.  Consistency is the goal but the effort is the reward.


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