Mile-a-day blog: comedy = tragedy that happens to somebody or something else

1.02 miles

22:55 pace

Correction to yesterday: today is two days in a row.  My math is terrible; evidently, I can’t tell the difference between one and two.  Anyway…as me and the bitches were walking today (or the bitches and I, if you prefer) were walking we came across a stinkbug doing stinkbug things, crossing the dirt road to get to its next pile of poop, or something.  The dogs, great hunters that they are, didn’t even see the bug and one of them almost trampled the little dude.  Of course the bug was offended and went into the stink-spraying position.  I imagined him (of course a stink bug has to be a male) talking in a thick New York accent saying “hey you bastards, I’m walking heah!”  We continued on our way, oblivious to the hardship we caused Old Stinky.

On the way back, a few feet from where we first encountered Old Stinky, we saw him again, diligently working to cross the road.  Again, the dogs were completely unaware of him.  This time he got knocked over and again I imagined the New York voice, “are you fucking kidding me!”  We continued on our way and I assumed the bug righted himself and resumed his work, but he’s probably gonna be pissed off for the rest of the day and will get drunk tonight, and probably end up a stinky meal for some predator with horrible but desperate food tastes.  All because of us.  We’re all guilty of bugicide.

I can live with that.


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