Mile-a-day blog: memes. Memes everywhere!

0.52 miles

28:57 pace

Day two with me walking Zoe’s dogs and vice-versa.  We got a late start so it was already hot when we went out, hence the slightly shorter distance.  I picked a helluva time to start doing walks.

Today’s subject is memes.  I spend too much of my time, although not much in any regard, trolling a conservative facebook page called The Comical Conservative.  I’ve yet to see the dude running it post anything that comes close to being comical, and yet he still keeps that name.  Obama needs to do something about that.  Anyway, today’s trolling is because of this dumb meme:

This dumb meme (I know it’s redundant to keep putting “dumb” before “meme” so I’ll knock it off, now) has an amazing amount of wrong in two short sentences.  First, it ignores that Reagan is dead and they’re asking for a rotting corpse in the White House.  What kind of sick fuck does that?  Second, it doesn’t even say president, just that it wants Reagan back in the WH.  Where does it want him, and for what purpose?  C, it seems to gloss over that Reagan today would be considered a hard-core lefty by the modern republican party.  Gun control, amnesty, working with the other party to achieve compromise, selling arms to terrorists – the modern conservatives would brand Reagan as a RINO and hate him once he was out of office, but still blame everything on those goddamned liberals.

I know, I’m just as dumb as this meme if I expect memes to make sense.  I’m just venting.  Fuck’s sake, you don’t see democrats posting memes that say “I wish JFK  was in the WH” or “I wish FDR was in the WH.”  They might actually wish that but they realize those people ARE DEAD and therefore would make terrible current presidents.  Yes, loads of democrats long for Bill Clinton to be back in the WH and will thus vote for Hillary, but that’s different because they are both currently still breathing.

All that said, I wouldn’t much mind if a mummified Teddy Roosevelt was in the WH right now.  He’d still probably kick Obama’s ass, as well as the asses of any potential challengers.

Mile-a-day blog: consistency, part 2

0.64 miles

28:18 pace

Actually, today it’s less about consistency than it is about routines and the need to change them up, and what can happen when you do deviate from your routine.

First, a preface: I was in the military for 20 years and the military values (to put it mildly) consistency and routine.  That’s why the military constantly trains: so that when an emergency happens your response to it should be a routine, and thus the possibility of choking under pressure is lessened.  In theory, a good idea.  In practice, results vary.

Back on point: today we went on a different route for our walk, and we paid the price for our deviation.  First off, I decided to change it up and I took Zoe’s dogs – two mini-schnauzers – and Zoe took my dogs, two chugs and a chihuahua.  I wanted to give Zoe a break because her dogs are always tugging on their leash.  I found out what she puts up with during the walks.  Two 20-lb dogs can pack a pull!  What made it more interesting was our change in route.  We went by a lot of houses, and every damn house had at least two dogs in the yard.  We may as well have been a marching band with all the noise, dogs continually barking the whole way.  At least the dogs got more exercise on the walk.  It was fun for all of us.

This is three days in a row, which matches my longest streak, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be four days tomorrow and five days Monday.  Consistency and routine.  Did I ever actually leave the military?

Mile-a-day blog: consistency

0.58 miles

32:34 pace

Consistency is the goal, although as RWE said, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.  I love that quote for many reasons.  First, it uses the word hobgoblin.  Great word, hobgoblin.  Say it aloud a few times, it’s fun.  Hobgoblin.  Anyway…consistency.  It’s a crucial part of adult life.  You have to be consistent.  Consistent in showing up to work.  Consistent in paying your bills.  Consistent in being an adult and doing the right thing.

I’m starting to understand where Ralph Waldo was coming from.  Consistency is good, but it’s also boring.  Sometimes you have to be inconsistent.  Streaks are great, but you know what feels just as good as continuing a streak?  Starting another one and seeing how far it goes.  Man makes plans and God laughs.  I planned on still having my original walking streak going at this time, but as of today my streak is two days.  My best streak so far is three days.  I will strive for more consistency but at the same time I won’t beat myself up (well, not too much) if I have to start a new streak soon.  Consistency is the goal but the effort is the reward.

Return of the mile-a-day blog

0.57 miles

37:15 pace

It continues to be a struggle with the dogs.  Zoe’s dogs like to tug on the leash, my dogs like to tug on the leash, and while it is getting better it is incrementally so.  Hopefully at some point soon the dogs will get used to not tugging on the leash, so we can go the full mile-plus every day.  And while I’m wishing, hopefully the weather will cool off a bit as well.  We usually go on our walks at about 0800 or so and by then it’s already hot, although not as ball-sweatingly hot as it will get.

Mile-a-day blog, day six: Recycling is Bullshit!

0.70 miles

31:22 pace

Yeah, I know, that pace.  Still training the dogs to walk and it’s apparently going to take a while.

A few walks ago I noticed there were some recyclables on our path, and I picked them up on the way home.  It wasn’t much – two aluminum cans, one bottle, one plastic bottle – but it adds up.  Eventually.  Last year I made roughly $100 on recycling, most of which went to our annual Yosemite trip.  If you broke it down by time spent on recycling I’d have made about $10/hour, or right around minimum wage.  Doesn’t seem like much, but it’s free money – I could just as easily have thrown all the recyclables away.

A while ago I saw the episode of “Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!” where they dismantled recycling.  I don’t disagree with anything they said.  On the surface, recycling is indeed bullshit.  It doesn’t help the environment because of all the costs associated with recycling: the fuel used, the waste produced by the recycling plants, etc.  I get that.  I’m not in it because I’m a tree-hugging liberal.  I’m in it because it gives me something to do on my walks, it helps make my area look a little bit better, and I get a small chunk of cash out of it.  Any of those reasons by themselves would be enough.  I think all three of them together outweigh the bullshit aspect of recycling.  That may be selfish, but it’s my justification and I’m sticking with it, Penn & Teller be damned.

Mile-a-day blog, day five: the Brotherhood

0.56 miles

Pace: 28:12

Yes, I know, I’m not living up to the “mile” part, but that’s because I’m also training dogs to walk without tugging on the leash.  The struggle is real.

Anyhow, the brotherhood.  Everybody is a member of at least several different brotherhoods, often without even realizing it.  I was reminded of it this morning while I was working on my car.  A simple lightbulb swap, no stress.  However, I live in the mountains and my work area is in gravel, which sucks for working.  My garage door doesn’t quite allow a car to fit in.  It’s an unusual place, for sure.  So, I took the suspected bad bulb out and verified it was indeed bad; it was black as my soul.  There’s an Auto Zone about five miles away so I drove there to get the new bulb, and decided to replace it there.  Level pavement to work on and whatnot.  That means I was a member of the Popped Hood at the Parts Store brotherhood.  I even got a nod from somebody who pulled up next to me in a beater; game recognizing game.  Most of us have been there at some point.  I’ve been there quite often.

This brotherhood is a subset of what my dad called the Shadetree Mechanics (brotherhood).  Actually, he called it something else that was racist; it has to do with fixing things and a certain epithet.  That was another brotherhood, that my dad and many from his generation were members of: the Casually Racist brotherhood.  It wasn’t anything overt and I can’t recall a time when my dad treated people of different races poorly, but he still said things like “nigger-rigging” without a second thought.  He still uses the phrase “colored people.”  Again, no malice in it, it’s just the way he was raised to talk.

Back on point: brotherhood.  Today I was reminded of a Brotherhood of which I am a proud member.  I’m also a member of many. many other brotherhoods:

Retired Military/Ex-Navy

Long-Suffering Angels Fans

Vaguely Antisocial People

Growing Facial Hair to Hide my Double-Chin

Way too Proud of my Own Farts

Growing Old Ungracefully

Grammar Police

People Who Hate Everyone in Front of Them in Line

And so on, and so on.  Seriously, I could go on for another hour.  We’re all Brothers and Sisters, in some way or another.  I guess you can add “Deep Thinkers Who are Actually Shallow” to my list of Brotherhoods.  Dude.